If you want to makeyour Instagram story even more colorful, you can change the background color injust a few steps. We'll show you how it works. 

 Would you like tointegrate a question sticker or a quiz in your Instagram story but not use animage as a background? Then below, we will show you how to customize thebackground color in the story. You can create single-colored backgrounds usinga multi-colored photo backgrounds using the design function.

Instagram stories: change background color via photo Instagram stories: adjust the background color via     "design."Instagram stories:change background color via photoYou can set a solidcolor background by taking a photo and then painting it over with color.

Followour step-by-step instructions or take a look at the quick start guide. 
1st step:Open the Instagram appand swipe your finger once from left to right on the home screen. The cameraview now opens. Alternatively, you can also access the camera viewfrom the story feature on the Instagram home screen.

2nd step:Now just take a photo thatwill later be covered with the background color. The photo onlyserves as a background layer for the background color of your story. So itdoesn't matter what's in the photo.

3rd step:After taking a photo,tap the curved stroke icon at the top. A colorselection now appears in the lower area.

4th step:Pick the color youwant to add as the background color for your story. You can choose between black,white and individual colors. You can also use the eyedropper topick a color from the photo.

5th step:Once you have selectedyour desired background color, you now have to hold your finger onthe screen for a second or two. The image will then take on thedesired color for the background of your Instagram story. Extra tip: Youcan use the eraser to reveal parts of the image under the background coloragain.Instagram stories:adjust the background color via "design." 

Follow ourstep-by-step guide or check out the quick start guide.

 1st step:On the Instagram homescreen, open the camera view by swiping from left to right orby clicking the plus at the top of the story function.

2nd step:On the left is thesymbol ' Aa, 'which stands for ' Gestalten. ' Tap thisicon once. After that, the background of your story already takes on apre-selected color gradient.

3rd step:Each tap of the circle inthe bottom right changes the color of your Instagram story background. Tap onit repeatedly until the color gradient or black, and white background you wantappears.quick start Guide From the Instagram home screen, swipe left to right     to the camera view. Take a photo there. Tap the curved stroke icon at the top.     The color selection opens in the lower area. Tap the color you want for your     Instagram story background. Press your finger on the screen for a     second or two. The background color of your story will now change.quick start Guide Switch to the camera view from the Instagram home     screen by swiping right or tapping the story     function. Tap the ' Aa icon ' on the left. Now tap on the white framed circle at     the bottom right until the desired background color for your story     appears. 

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